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DLD Munich

  • January 18 – 20, 2020

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DLD Munich, January 19 – 21

Optimism & Courage

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DLD Munich, January 20 – 22


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DLD New York 2018

DLD Europe 2018

DLD Campus Karlsruhe 2018

DLD Campus Bayreuth 2018

Richard Browning, rocket man, flight demo, DLD

DLD Salon Belgrade 2018

DLD Singapore 2018


DLD Munich 2017

DLD New York 2017

DLD Europe 2017

DLD Campus 2017

DLD Tel Aviv 2017

DLD Berlin 2017


DLD Munich 2016

DLD New York 2016

DLD Summer 2016

DLD Europe 2016

DLD Tel Aviv 2016

2005 – 2015

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Beatie Wolfe, musician, singer, songwriter
August 20, 2019

The Healing Power of Music

Alumni update: What’s new with Beatie Wolfe and her Music & Dementia project? Try this: Type “music is…” into your favorite search engine and you’re probably seeing suggestions like “my life”, “my best friend” and “my savior”. This illustrates how important music…
August 20, 2019
cows grazing
August 12, 2019

New Ways To Feed A Hungry Planet

With the world’s population projected to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050, challenges abound, as food production is already stretching the planet’s resources to the limits. Overfishing is depleting fish stocks, excessive use of pesticides is harming nature, feeding antibiotics…
August 12, 2019
DLD Campus Bayreuth 2019
July 4, 2019

Three Takeaways From DLD Campus Bayreuth

Bavaria is one of Germany’s most innovative regions. Our DLD Campus conference at University of Bayreuth brought together business leaders, scientists and politicians for a full day of discussions centering around topics like artificial intelligence and automation, corporate change, sustainability and mobility.…
July 4, 2019
Osh Agabi, Koniku, airport security, digital health, biotech
April 10, 2019

Turning Biology Into Technology

Koniku founder Osh Agabi has a daring plan: He’s developing a new kind of of biochip made from brain tissue in order to create sensors that can sniff out explosives at airports and even, in the near future, promise to detect early…
April 10, 2019
Frank Appel (Deutsche Post DHL), Carsten Knop (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) DLD Munich Conference 2019, innovation conference
February 3, 2019

#DLD19 Recap: Everything Must Change

“Adapt or die” has been nature’s governing principle since the beginning of time. Humans are experts at adjusting to change – and entrepreneurs cherish the opportunities that technological progress brings. But rarely has the pace of change felt as relentless as in…
February 3, 2019
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook, DLD 2019, Trust
January 30, 2019

#DLD19 Recap: A Matter of Trust

Trust is a simple concept that has enormous power. Without trust there would be no community, no commerce, no democracy. Trust requires faith – in another person, in government, in anything new and unfamiliar. That’s why trust is also at the heart…
January 30, 2019